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Digitigrade Fullsuit:


includes padded body suit, head, handpaws, attached feetpaws, and attached tail.

Plantigrade Fullsuit:


includes body suit, head, handpaws, feetpaws, and attached tail.

Partial Fursuit:


includes head, handpaws, feetpaws, and tail.

Fursuit Head:


includes fursuit head.



paws for your feet that are worn like slippers. Ask about indoor feetpaws!



paws for your hands that are worn like gloves. Ask about puffy paws!



tail worn via belt loops. May be long or short, simple or complex!

Arm Sleeves:


Sleeves for your arms that are attached by elastic. Work great with partials!

Follow-me Eyes:


3-D eyes that appear to follow the viewer.

Indoor Feet:


replaces the EVA foam underneath feetpaws with fur and vinyl/minky pawpads.

Puffy Handpaws:


differently-made handpaws that are stuffed and lively.

Claws on Handpaws or Feetpaws:


add claws to your hands or feet. May be minky or vinyl

Swappable Tongue:


multiple different tongues to change your fursuit head's facial expression. Might be short, stuffed, long, poseable, and so on!

Swappable Eyelids:


multiple sets of eyelids to change your fursuit head's facial expression.



have any ideas? We'd love to hear from you!

Custom Nylon Collar:


Custom Nylon Harness:


Custom Nylon Leash:


Custom Nylon Muzzle:


Fursuit Sandals:


Premade Designs:

All premade designs are digitgrade full fursuits with attached indoor feetpaws, claws, attached tails, puffy handpaws, and 2-D toony eyes!

Albino Borka


(10% of cost goes toward marine life preservation!)



(10% of cost goes toward marine life preservation!)

Raspberry African Wild Dog


Caramel African Wild Dog


Wildberry Shark


Tabby Cat


Minty Mutt


Pastel Shiba


Saber Cat


Witch Cat


Purple Punk Rock Striped Hyena


Blue Punk Rock Striped Hyena


Green Punk Rock Striped Hyena


Pink Punk Rock Striped Hyena